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About Thomsen's Inc.

Thomsen's Inc. has developed, patented, and implemented the most comprehensive Escalator Handrail Cleaning System Globally. Our cleaning solutions that support our equipment are specifically formulated for use on escalator handrails, and are non-caustic nor non-corrosive to the touch. Thomsen's cleaning and sanitizer solutions provide hospital grade cleaning so that your escalator riders can safely hold on to the handrail without concern for touching a highly contaminated handrail. With our conditioner/cleaner solution, you can extend the life of the handrail by 3 to 5 years, reducing expense replacement costs and unnecessary downtime. The Thomsen Way! is comprehensive, documented, saves labor time to clean the escalator handrails, details frequency of cleaning, and identifies the product needed to clean the handrail. We are teaming with Hygiena to provide ATP testing that details your cleanliness levels and documents when your team is completing the cleaning, conditioning, or sanitizing protocol for your escalator handrails. This automating real time tracking will support your consistency of maintaining the handrails and when to address those handrails that may become soiled or contaminated. The Thomsen Way is implemented globally at Hotels, Casinos, Airports, Conference Centers, Theme Parks, City Transit Systems, Malls, Stadiums, Arenas, office buildings, and more.

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