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About Hospeco Brands Group

Hospeco Brands Group brings more than a century of know-how and innovation to protecting, cleaning, and caring for shared spaces where people work and gather, actively improving public health and well-being. From personal care and protection to cleaning products, contamination control, and textiles, we make managing shared environments easier and more efficient, while we engineer our supply chain to ensure you get what you need, when you need it. Hospeco Brands Group is comprised of legacy brands Adenna, Chemcor, High-Tech Conversions, Hospeco, Innocore, Monarch Brands, and Nilodor with deep expertise in their respective markets, providing our distributors with efficient, economical access to a broad range of essential products from one respected integrated manufacturer. Our global reputation for best-in-class products and customer support is hard earned -- our products are built for exceptional performance yet thoughtfully designed with the comfort and protection of humans in mind. Protect More - Clean More - Care More For more information, visit www.hospecobrands.com or reach out to info@hospecobrands.com.

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