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Monarch Brands delivers high-quality and value-priced cleaning textiles to JanSan distributors worldwide. Monarch Brands is best known for leveraging strong supplier relationships to supply wiping products, microfiber cloths, mops, and hardware to the Janitorial, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Foodservice industries. Monarch Brands is more than microfiber. We carry full lines of hospitality guest towels, sheets, and kitchen textiles. Our foodservice line of spun poly napkins outperforms the big two brand names. From table linens to aprons and a turn-key e-commerce solution, Monarch Brands supplies all the textiles your company needs to run its business. We innovate and improve upon existing janitorial ideas. Taking our lead from the smash success of SmartRags, Monarch Brands invented SmartPads fulfills a multitude of floor cleaning scenarios. SmartPads woven microfiber polyester construction picks up more dirt than non-woven disposable pads. Cleaners' will flock to this dual-threat microfiber mop in a dispenser box. Please consider voting for SmartPads in the Innovation Award Showcase.

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