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Core America is the world’s leading cleaning consulting firm. We lead and inspire professionals to shape their cleaning programs, so that every person can enjoy clean, healthy, and safe facilities. Since 1995, Core has consulted for over 2 billion square feet and 50,000 facilities across the globe. Our consulting services and software help facility professionals answer key questions like: how many cleaning team members should I have, and how should they be deployed? How clean are my buildings and how do we compare to our peers? What is the right scope of work for cleaning, and how much should it cost? Our services include cleaning assessments, third-party cleanliness audits, ATP testing, staffing workloads, financial modeling, and request-for-proposal (RFP) design and project management. Our cleaning software products are 100% designed, developed and supported in-house and include 1) Smart Inspect™ (quality inspection app), 2) Smart Tickets™ (project scheduling and work order app), 3) Smart Load™ (staffing workload software), and 4) Simple Check™ (cleaning and disinfecting validation app).

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