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Since 1926, we have been designing and manufacturing the highest quality deep cycle batteries in the world. Starting as a small manufacturing operation in San Diego, California, and growing to the global company you see today, having loca­tions in Corona, California, Evans, Georgia, and Augusta, Georgia, we work each day to supply our customers with the best batteries available. Through innovation and technology, our products are the go-to energy storage batteries for a variety of applications, including scissor lifts, sweeper/scrubbers, golf carts, boats, RVs, renewable energy, and many other industries that require the constant energy delivered by quality deep-cycle batteries. As an ISO 9001:2005 certified company, we hold our products to the highest quality standards and continually work towards improvement. Attaining the coveted ISO 14001:2015 certification as­sures you that you are working with a company who is concerned about the environ­ment and is working with a focus on the world that we leave behind for our children and grandchildren.


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