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RD Industries is at the forefront of innovation in the fluid containment and dispensing industry. It was all started in 1968 by our CEO, Rod Laible. Rod has over 60 patents to his name for both product design and process. His career has spanned over multiple industries. His motto is simple; to keep the world safe. You can see this represented in the products launched through RD Industries. RD Industries is a proven leader in design, manufacturing, and distribution of chemical containment and dispensing systems. We serve the janitorial and sanitation industry in over 26 countries around the world. Our products can be found in chemical packaging used for cleaning in schools, hospitals, restaurants, and fast food chains to name a few. SaFTFlo® Fluid Management Systems is the original brand focused on safety. SaFTFlo® launched closed-loop systems for chemical containment and dispensing to the market. OneFlo™ Sustainable Fluid Management Systems launched in 2021 and offers recyclable and sustainably manufactured versions of our products.


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