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About EvaClean by Earthsafe

Safer, More Sustainable Infection Prevention Solutions EvaClean provides the power to proactively prevent viral outbreaks in a safer, more sustainable way with less toxic chemicals, advanced technologies, certified training, and customized protocols that help protect people and the planet. The NaDCC chemistry in EvaClean PurTabs and PurOne multi-purpose disinfectants is safer to use and easily dilutes to a range of concentrations, from daily cleaner to hospital-grade sporicidal. EvaClean’s disinfectants are EPA registered to kill over 55 organisms and have the highest level emerging pathogen claim, yet are also biodegradable and sustainable. Enhanced Efficiencies with Advanced Technologies Facilities can achieve greater efficiencies while also preventing cross-contamination with touchless EvaClean Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers and Environmental Surface Wipes powered by PurOne. Standardized. Simplified. Customized. EvaClean proudly introduces PurExcellence, a proactive infection program developed for healthcare and higher education that’s customized and standardized to simplify processes, improve outcomes and deliver guaranteed cost savings of 30%. Facilities Trust EvaClean to Keep People Healthy EvaClean is one of the most trusted names in infection prevention and has become an expert advisor to facilities across every industry sector. Together with our network of trained and certified partners, EvaClean will be there for you no matter what.

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