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Ranyan: The Ultimate Digital Solution For Janitorial Service Providers Digitization is disrupting every industry today, and the janitorial services are no exception. As a cleaning and janitorial company, it’s time for you to seize the opportunity and digitize your business to get ahead of your competition. Ranyan is designed exclusively to help janitorial companies streamline day-to-day operations and cut down time and costs, while delivering extra value to clients. Empower Your Employees, Wow Your Customers, Outshine Your Competitors This cutting-edge digital app is the outcome of our years of experience and industry expertise in janitorial services, which will dramatically improve your janitorial and property maintenance operations for your clients. Ranyan will help you:  Win new clients and delight the old ones with the power of digital  Boost employee morale, reduce turnover, increase productivity  Lower your rate of employee injuries and downtime  Make smarter and faster business decisions to achieve growth  Create paperless workflows to improve time and cost efficiency  Deliver superior quality performance to clients at a lower cost  Manage everything digitally in one place for effective control  Replace everyday stress and worry with happiness and profits

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