The Green Cleaning Evolution: An Exceptional In-Person Experience in Today’s Workplace

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, November 14 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

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Location: Sustainability Hub - Booth#1246

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Title: The Green Cleaning Evolution: An Exceptional In-Person Experience in Today’s Workplace


Five years ago, Sustainability was a talking point, today it’s a necessity. ESG was not even discussed, now it’s a global movement. Nearly 3 in 5 (57%) executives report having implemented a cross-functional ESG working group tasked with driving strategic attention to ESG and another 42% are taking steps to do the same, according to Sustainability Action Report by Deloitte. Many facility managers are left asking, how do you incorporate it into the cleaning process?

Employee satisfaction used to be talked about, but cleaning was rarely, if ever, connected. Today you must motivate people to come back to the office and feel good about being there. Now is the time when green cleaning intersects with the hygienic facilities created in our post-Covid world, resulting in a great experience for employees and visitors, alike. Cleaning solutions have been prioritized since 2020 in facilities. “This has only restrained temporarily the longer industry trend to reduce their impact on the environment,” according to The Future of Sustainable Cleaning Products to 2026 by Smithers.

This program will uncover these challenges and present some cutting-edge ways to enhance the in-person experience. Attendees will learn how to boost productivity, reduce absenteeism, increase safety in facilities, and ultimately drive an exceptional in-person experience. In addition to learning how to create a workplace environment where people want to come back, you will also hear how to make minor adjustments to areas often overlooked, all with sustainable cleaning efforts.

Type: Workshop

Target Audience: Facility Managers and Supervisors