Finding And Keeping The Best Staff

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Title: Finding And Keeping The Best Staff


In this booming economy, we are faced with an unprecedented opportunity to grow, yet every week we hear in the news how tight the labor market is. With so many job openings, recruiting and hiring is the biggest challenge to growing a residential cleaning business.

In this session, Debbie Sardone shares how she is finding, attracting, and retaining the best staff in a tight labor market.  Learn her unique approach to recruiting and retaining high-quality career cleaners, which is what's made her residential cleaning business development academy #1 in the world.  In this workshop, learn how to stand out, attract more of the right staff, and what keeps cleaners happy long-term.

•    Hiring & Retaining The Best Staff
•    How to stand out in a tight labor market
•    How to attract more of the right staff
•    What keeps Cleaning Technicians happy on the job long term

This course is ideal for residential cleaning professionals.

Type: On Demand Session

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