What and How to Train a Cleaner and a Trainer

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Title: What and How to Train a Cleaner and a Trainer


High cleaner turnover and house cleaning training have something in common -- they are both costly to an organization. Training is extremely demanding, especially on a small company with 5-7 cleaners.  It requires additional time and money, neither of which a small company has.  Ever wonder if it's worth it?  Spend all that time and money only to watch them walk out the door in a few days or months. The first few days on the job for a first-time house cleaner can be brutal.  The fear that they might not be cut out for this kind of work has probably crossed their mind a few times.  Training helps to dissolve these new job jitters.  As they begin to fade, the new hire builds their competence and confidence and starts to master basic cleaning skills such as the best use of their cleaning apron and process cleaning. 

New cleaners who haven't received adequate training may find their already shaky confidence is shattered even more as they make errors and mistakes that they really do not know how to keep from making. Fear of failure can cause a new hire to walk and never tell anyone why. Basic training at the start of a new cleaning job will help the worker succeed, ultimately reducing this type of turnover. Sharon Tinberg, owner of Rags to Riches, will share some first-time training stories of cleaners and managers she has trained in the residential cleaning service arena and what impact that training had on their longevity.  She will also share video interviews (perhaps live interviews) with Cleaners and Field Managers regarding the impact of training on their careers. Sharon will conclude her session with some hands-on training tips on What and How to Train a Cleaner and a Trainer.

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