Redefining Cleaning for Health

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Originally Aired - Monday, October 10 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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Location: S504CD

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Title: Redefining Cleaning for Health


This concept of Cleaning for Health has been around for decades, but there are no industry-accepted standards that actually differentiate Cleaning for Health from Cleaning for Appearances.  This presentation will go beyond simple marketing slogans and will provide a number of methods to actually measure if we are actually 'cleaning for health', especially for routine janitorial work in non-critical care facilities (e.g., office buildings.  Among the recommendations will be cost-effective and objective means to measure surface cleanliness, tools to determine when mop bucket water should be replenished, measuring the slipperiness of floors, measuring concentrated disinfectants for proper dilution to use-solutions, and other potential objective measures.  Not only will this define how a company measures a Cleaning for Health program, but how it can be used to differentiate itself in the marketplace.

Type: Education Session




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