Developing a Hands-on Training Program in 4 Easy Steps

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, November 16 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

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Location: W210

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Title: Developing a Hands-on Training Program in 4 Easy Steps


Designed for residential cleaning professionals, this course walks business owners, managers, supervisors, and trainers through creating a training program for residential cleaners. Many companies do not have documented processes and procedures. Many of the companies that have training manuals leave them sitting on the shelf and the core of their training system is still having the new hire watch someone clean as they explain what they are doing to the new hire. In this session, explore writing a training program for a residential cleaner. See examples of what tools are needed, and how to create them. This is ideal for training new hires in 1½ days in one area and empowering them to clean that area alone. Statistically, 75% of house cleaning training should be done in the office and 25% will need to occur in the field without the trainer ever cleaning. Each attendee will receive handouts that they will use during the session to start their own training programs.

Type: Education Session

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