Recession Proof Your Cleaning Business Game Plan

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, October 11 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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Location: S401BCD

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Title: Recession Proof Your Cleaning Business Game Plan


THE BIG CONCERN TODAY - With the looming economic decline, how can you prepare your business to survive and even thrive through a possible recession? 17% of businesses didn't survive the last recession. Learn the secrets of the 9% that actually flourished!

FIND THE OPPORTUNITY - One solution for surviving an economic downturn is already there inside your business. It's your current clients. They love you and love your services. Discover how to measure, cultivate and improve your client relationships. Develop your own 3 Step Game Plan that will create a strong bond with your clients and turn them into a raving fan sales force for your business.

COME OUT A WINNER - Navigating through any economic shift starts with having a firm grasp on your numbers. Then to successfully ride a recession requires gaining as much business as you can while losing as little as possible. Don't just survive the next recession, come out thriving for continued success!

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