Managing Loveable Underperformers and Landmine Employees

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Wednesday, November 17 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

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Title: Managing Loveable Underperformers and Landmine Employees


Perfect for all cleaning industry professionals, this session explores how to effectively correct underperformance and those employees who are particularly difficult to address. Whether we worry about hurting the feelings of a really nice/popular team member, or simply want to avoid the emotion of an angry, defiant one, poor performance is often ignored under the guise of “preserving peace.” This session will teach you how to facilitate a constructive initial conversation, create a coaching strategy that directly ties performance to key objectives, and hold the person accountable with quantifiable metrics. This approach minimizes the emotional or subjective aspect of coaching/correction and allows both parties to focus on the objective facts and the logical steps to improvement. By creating measurable benchmarks, subsequent coaching and/or disciplinary conversations can be conducted rationally and eliminate claims of unfairness or favoritism.

Type: Education Session

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