Get Used to Different: Reinvent Your Commercial Cleaning Business

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Originally Aired - Monday, November 15 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Location: W213-W215

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Title: Get Used to Different: Reinvent Your Commercial Cleaning Business


Designed for building service contractors, this interactive session reveals the endless opportunities of reinventing your business. Every cleaning business leader can reinvent their business in a personally challenging and value changing presentation. Change is happening! Just as the Kindle has changed paper publishing, Netflix has changed movie theaters, and the smart phone has changed navigation, banking, and communication, the realities of your business have changed permanently. We can no longer depend on doing business and handling jobs the way it’s been always done before. Reinvention is the key to a competitive advantage in the industry

Participants will answer critical questions dealing with how people feel “punished” for doing business with you; what policies, practices or programs have become “dinosaurs” in your business; how the pandemic has changed our business; and how are you developing leaders from within your organization are dealt with interactively in small buzz-group discussions.

Type: Education Session

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