Residual Antimicrobial Products: Opportunities, Evaluation, Decision Making

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, November 16 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

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Location: Solve for X Theater, Booth W-677

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Title: Residual Antimicrobial Products: Opportunities, Evaluation, Decision Making


Ideal for building service contractor professionals in the health care sector, this session will review the option to provide residual antimicrobial properties to surfaces. Continuous protection is the next stage in the evolution of cleaning and have the potential to change the protocols and level of effort needed to keep surfaces free of pathogens and reduce infections. This session will review the biocides being used, the challenges of attaching them to surfaces, the trade-offs and issues involved with temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent coatings, the testing defined by the EPA to evaluate products and the various factors in decision making on whether to employ any residual coatings in different venues.

Type: Solve for X Theater Session

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