Kirkish, Steven

Kirkish, Steven

CEO at B2B Cleaning Services

Steven is a seasoned professional with a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management from San Diego State University, bringing over 18 years of extensive experience in the hospitality and housekeeping industry. Throughout his career, Steven has held leadership positions at eight prestigious luxury hotels, with five of those being at the executive level. 

Demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit, Steven ventured into the restaurant industry, successfully owning his first restaurant/bar/entertainment venue at the age of 27. Building upon his leadership acumen honed in hospitality, he currently channels his expertise into the commercial cleaning business which he founded in 2023.

With a proven track record of managing budgets exceeding $20 million, Steven has consistently provided exemplary leadership to teams of up to 115 associates. Notably, he has overseen remote cleaning operations across 26 cities in the United States and the Philippines simultaneously, fostering a culture of excellence and garnering the loyalty of former team members across diverse geographies.

Steven's commitment to operational excellence and team empowerment underscores his reputation as a dynamic leader in the hospitality and service sectors.