Gardner, Gregory

Director at Crothall Healthcare

Gregory Gardner is currently a Director of Environmental Services for a large hospital system in Florida. He has been in the service industry for more than 30 years with the last 13 being in Environmental Services. He has held multiple positions within the field ranging from Training Manager to Director at facilities of varied sizes and challenges. Throughout his career, Gregory has always been motivated to have his teams be successful due to a personal commitment to his family. Hehas a differently abled child that has had multiple
heart surgeries and he wants to deliver the same care to all patients to come through his doors that he would expect his family to receive.
He has been able to work closely with Quality, Risk, and Infection Prevention and well as Nursing Leaders to help to mitigate and proactively develop and enforce policies and standards in compliance with Joint Commission, CMS, and other federal and state regulated agencies.
In 2023, he received his MESCE designation from IEHA, which helped to validate his expertise in the industry. He

 continues to work toward his next designation and gain as much additional training as possible to further his cause and what he can share with his team. He currently serves as Associate Director of Education for the South District of IEHA where he is responsible for scheduling training during their meetings and helping to foster additional opportunities to their members through IEHA’s robust training programs.
Gregory has been married for 28 years to his wife Nina. They have 5 children, a service dog, Chinchilla, and a rabbit. Their favorite thing to do is go to theme parks, watch movies, and promote their YouTube channels.

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